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Of all the elements that make up a store on-line, there are several in which we can stop to analyze. One of them is the shopping cart.

This is a section where nothing can go wrong: you must 'get into' your customer's mind and know how to configure and design it to motivate them to go one step further and turn that shopping cart into money for you.

Your mission will be to make it as easy as you can to close that sale. For this, having a platform that gives you confidence is vital. 

You may have already noticed that it is very important in e-commerce to have a well-optimized shopping cart section. Otherwise, your competition will be the next option and where they will go if your shopping cart fails at the moment of truth.

In this article I will try to give you a more global image of what details you need to attend to when selling things on the Internet in relation to this delicate button with which to add products in your business.

What is a shopping cart o'shopping cart‘?

The shopping cart, also know as "shopping cart“, in its translation into English, is the name given to the section where customers of an online store include and group all the products they intend to buy in the same order.

After users have searched, researched and finally found what they wanted, they will have to go to it to carry out the process called “payment gateway”.