Adsmovil is a Colombian company specialized in data and technology applied to the industry and mobile advertising. Adsmovil began operations in November 2010 and was founded by Alberto Pardo, current CEO of the company and President of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, who has more than 15 years of experience in the digital business. In February 2013, Adsmovil merged with Cisneros Interactive, a division of the Cisneros Organization focused on developing digital businesses for Hispanic audiences in the United States and Latin America. 

Alberto Pardo, founder and president of Adsmovil, believes that the success of the company to reach other countries is that from the beginning the country became very small. Currently, the company is well positioned in important markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the United States.

In 2018, the MMA Smarties Business Impact Index list, developed by the Mobile Marketing Association, which recognizes the companies in the mobile industry that generate the greatest impact through mobile device campaigns, listed the Colombian platform Adsmovil as the leader in Latin America among technology providers.

"This recognition ensures our commitment to the industry by having an efficient platform and integration with allies that guarantee transparency and security for brands when creating advertising strategies on mobile devices," said Alberto Pardo, CEO and founder of Adsmovil.


Adsmovil had a solution for delivering content and analyzing data collected from advertising processes on mobile devices that were supported by a cloud computing provider in the market. On the current infrastructure there is a large amount of data stored in the transactional business and on which it is of interest to undertake information analysis projects for its exploitation in different horizons. It is for this reason that the Adsmovil team undertakes a migration project of its entire solution to Google Cloud Platform, given its versatility to carry out the analysis of large volumes of information that allow to accompany business decision making. One of the great challenges involved in this decision is the restructuring of the processes of intake and data processing to have real-time information analysis.


During the process of transforming the AdsMovil solution so that it can take advantage of the benefits of Google Cloud Platform, Servinformación actively participated with the AdsMovil technical team for the definition of the route map, the definition of the reference architectures for the backup of the different processes, the definition of strategic data pipelines and the inclusion of best practices on selected Google Cloud products.

Thanks to products such as Google AppEngine Adsmovil, it deployed scalable backends that allow us to deal with the transactional information intake of the digital business coming from the ad applications found on people's mobile devices. In the same way, Pub / Sub was used to ingest ad information from mobile devices. Together with the above, Adsmovil was able to create data pipelines that allow combining real-time information and transactional information using Cloud Dataflow and finally having a Data Warehouse on Google BigQuery that allows supporting decision-making. 

¨Thanks to the technology of Google Cloud, Adsmovil and its technical team have begun a path to establish a set of strategic projects that allow to exploit the information generated by the business and undertake analytical initiatives that include in the near future the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies to leverage the challenges that the advertisement industry faces in this era of digital transformation¨

Alejandro Leyva

Chief Data Officer at AdsMovil

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