Puntored is a Colombian Fintech company that helps boost the growth of independent businesses by providing financial services through innovative applications, offering virtual products and transactional services at numerous points of sale. Puntored began operations in 2004 as a business focused on electronic recharges for cell phones, it became a technology network supported by a robust platform and with the ability to perform and offer payment services throughout the country. It was founded by Andrés Albán, current CEO of the company and who in 2012 was distinguished as an Endeavor entrepreneur and in 2014 he was winner of the MIT - Innovators Under 35

Andrés Albán, founder and CEO of Puntored, says “We are a company that makes life easier for millions of people at the base of the pyramid to access financial services, in addition to that, we generate additional income for thousands of shopkeepers throughout of the national territory ”. Puntored's success lies in its financial inclusion service promoting the digitalization of the economy, a task that is not easy at all, but it is precisely what it has achieved Red dot in its 14 years of history nationwide, extending to Puerto Rico and in the coming years they plan to continue their expansion to some countries of Central America.

In 2014, the American magazine MIT Technology Review organized a forum on the most innovative enterprises in Colombia in the area of entrepreneurship and in complex complex technologies in the city of Medellin, Colombia: nanotechnology, the challenges of medicine and the Internet as a platform for growth of society On that occasion Conexred received one of the ten awards for “Innovators under 35 years” with the project “Electronic payment and collection network for unbanked and low-income people”. This recognition has been another motivation that has prompted Puntored to seek to expand its presence in the country by developing technological solutions dedicated to the growth and strengthening of financial inclusion, especially to small businesses for them to develop their businesses through technology and Access to financial services.

Puntored currently has about 72,000 points that in 2018 made around 300 million transactions and expects to have more than 500,000 businesses connected through its Mi Caja service in the near future.


In 2016 an alliance between Puntored and Servinformación was born, with the idea of taking the data generated by the consumption of different products offered in neighborhood stores (traditional channel) and converting them into information that allows to know in detail the behavior of sales and that to In turn, the shopkeeper strengthens loyalty with these new processes and knows his business in a more comprehensive way. It is for this reason that the Puntored team undertakes a development project based on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, which allows to store the consumption information registered by the shopkeepers and generate statistical analysis of the sales filtered by the main marketing variables so that Companies can count on a novel way to identify consumer opportunities to implement their marketing strategies. The challenges involved in this decision is the definition of processes, including technology, for the capture of data from the traditional channel and the way in which this data will be structured to carry out the processing and analysis of information consistent manner, as well as the way in which the results of the analysis will be visible for correct interpretation.


The service scheme is based on an online platform, Servipunto, which allows you to consult the information in an agile way and tailored to your needs, taking full advantage of the resources available on Google Cloud Platform. Servinformación participated in the process of defining the infrastructure and technical aspects that support the entire process of information capture, transformation and data analysis, the visualization of results, and the inclusion of best practices on GCP products.

Taking advantage of products such as Google AppEngine, Puntored deployed the backend that allows it to meet the intake of sales information through mobile devices located in traditional channels. In the same way, Cloud Datastore was used to store the transactional information according to how the shopkeeper records it, for Cloud processes and processing, Cloud Dataflow was used; In the transformation process, Cloud Dataprep was used and finally Google BigQuery to support the analysis process. Tableau is the tool used to visualize data in a way that is understandable.

“Thanks to the technology available in Google Cloud Platform, Puntored and Servinformación have strengthened their alliance to generate technological projects that link both core business, allowing small businesses to boost their businesses through technology and access to financial services, while it is possible to advance in the transformation of Small Data into Big Data. ”   

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