Winners at the Google Cloud 2020 Partner Awards

Awards are held every year Google Cloud Partner Awards 2020 highlighting an exclusive group of partners who have proven to exceed the standards against Google's expectations. This year we have the honor of receiving two awards: 

Partner of the year in the public sector & Partner of the year in Intelligent Location.

As a leading company in the development of high-impact technological solutions, focused on ordering and enriching our clients' information.

We use LI and data analytics applied in technologies such as ML, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence IA, to contribute to making better business decisions in Latin America.

With 20 years of experience, we have been hand in hand for more than 10 yearsand Google cloud What strategic partners in Latin America, fulfilling the mission of taking more and more companies to the cloud. Offering everything from support to solutions created on the platform of Google Cloud.

Year after year we focus our efforts on the goal of being the best and we have achieved it. In 2020 we saw the situation as a great opportunity to grow in different sectors and highlight the importance that smart location has in the processes of digital transformation, thus demonstrating that we are the best in the world on the subject.

Based on the details included in the application and the quantitative data obtained from Google Cloud metrics, a panel of selected jurors has chosen us as winners of the categories Partner of the year in the Public Sector & Partner of the year in Smart Localization.

About the awards ...


This award recognizes partners with a specialization that stood out in that specific area throughout 2020, which has led to significant success for their clients.

We have extensive experience in maps (location intelligence, analytics, cartography, data collection, etc.) and Google Cloud Platform technologies (infrastructure, SW architecture, solutions, ML, and analytics). Our main verticals are government and the main private sectors.

In addition to being the fastest growing Google Cloud Platform partner in the SPLA (Spanish-speaking Latam area), Servinformacion has been a location intelligence company since its inception.

With Location Intelligence, Data Analytics and AI, we generate solutions, value and knowledge for our clients.

Leveraging Google Cloud's geography and analytics capabilities with our rich data sources and engineering efforts, we've created great location-based products that account for 70% of our revenue.

Today, more than 700 companies trust us as their provider of location and GIS solutions. Therefore, our clients work with us by implementing our out-of-the-box (in-house) solutions and building ad-hoc solutions using location-based services.


This award recognizes partners who have provided exceptional service and enabled their customers to succeed through innovation, building, and the appropriate mix of Google Cloud solutions.

Servinformacion grew exponentially again in 2020 with Google Cloud:

  • Our professional certifications went from 7 in 2018 to 29 in 2019 at the end of the year and 40 in 2020 (471% in two years).


  • Google Maps Credentials increased from 11 in 2018 to 18 in 2019 and 24 in 2020 (118% in two years).


  • Google Cloud Platform Sales Credentials grew from 27 in 2018 to 36 in 2019 42 in 2020 (55% in two years).


  • The company's 40% has at least one accreditation from Google. This fueled explosive growth in sales, nearly tripling our 2020 sales to $6.7 million. This had the effect of tripling our customer base in the last three years.


A One-Google strategy allowed us to develop strategic relationships with our clients. We got our largest growing Google Cloud Platform customer through public sector companies.

The Bogotá transit system has trusted our team as an ally in the journey to the cloud. Leveraging GCP technologies to transform the way they understand their business and bring mass transportation to the most populous city in Colombia.

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