Via Google maps Platform companies will be able to access selected information on their customers and competition in real time

In order to geolocate relevant information about customers, points of sale, branches and the competition. Servinformacion designed a tool, based on Google Maps Plarform.

A digital map through personalized symbols and colors allows locating the key data that mobile phone companies require for their marketing strategy.

This is the case of Claro Colombia, a leading provider of telecommunications services in the country.

The company implemented in the area of mobile telephony the solution of Geomarketing developed by Servinformation.

With this tool, the organization has direct and real-time access to different search actions designed to optimize its market segmentation.

In this way, Claro Colombia can:

  • Map your national coverage master network
  • Identify the layers of internet coverage in 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Select the points of sale by area
  • Carry out studies with demographic projections focused on cell phone consumption for prepaid and postpaid lines.

The 95% of the geocoding processes were developed with the platform Sitidata of Servinformación.

“For strategic decision-making in companies, it is important to have quality information and that it can be viewed in a simple way. It is in this scenario Geomarketing plays a fundamental role, as it allows customers to be well segmented to offer them what they are looking for and thus achieve an optimal service ”, he stated Luis Manuel Faviani, commercial manager of Servinformation.


Among the main results achieved with the implementation of Google Maps Platform are:

  • Support as a tool to visualize geolocated information on a solid system for data management and analysis.
  • Relate business data to spatial data to provide map visualization and timely information delivery to gain the accurate insights required to make business decisions.

“Through a geocoding process, the data provided by Claro was transformed into coordinates. For example, current customers, which also contained commercial information, to later be able to be segmented according to their strategy and thus facilitate decision-making and allow a better analysis of the market”, added the manager.

Among the Google Maps Platform products that were implemented for this success story, the following stand out:

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Street View API
  • Autocomplete (Places API)
  • Details (Places API)
  • Geocoding API.

These tools allowed the company to visualize the map, insert real images with 360° panoramas, offer predictions based on location, access details of establishments and/or points of interest, and convert addresses into geographic coordinates.

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