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What is Geomarketing?

Geomarketing is a marketing tool that allows analyzing the situation of a business through the exact location of: customers, points of sale, branches and competition, locating them on a digital map through personalized symbols and colors.

Smart location is a methodology to transform the data of a location into commercial results.
Location data can be anything from addresses, latitude and longitude coordinates, or points, lines and polygons.
You can also create spatial data with administrative units such as place name, location name, commune, municipality or department.

Analyze the competition and make the best decisions for your company.


Web application that allows the user to make sales indicators, visualize the information of points, distributors and customers, on the map, to generate comparisons of sales and areas in a time range, and thus the user can generate sales projections.

It is carried out through statistical methods of demographic projection, which shows the expected approximate growth of the number of inhabitants of a place.

We carry out personalized studies for the opening of new strategic points for the growth of your business. With Site Selection, increase your sales and make good decisions!

Study of influence on a specific point that from 1000 to 3000 meters around. Analyze different variables for the correct decision making of the population, the specific target, my competence and branches to open new points, among others.

We geo-reference your databases and add geographic coordinates that are not included in your information. This allows to enrich the information to visualize the majority of clients of interest for your company and thus obtain a competitive advantage.

Sectors of the market where this service is applied.

Marketing, advertising and media sector.
Sector of large surfaces.
Mass consumption sector.
Distribution and commercialization sector.
Education sector.

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