Google announced the launch of 'Workspace' a service designed so that companies and teams may collaborate more easily. Dedicate time to the most important tasks while fostering human connections.

Google WorkSpace, new platform
Google Workspace emerges as a product that integrates all the main elements of the workemail, chat, voice-video calls, documents, collaboration, storage, task management, administration and security tools so that users can communicate easily, safely and no matter where they are.

For this reason we share a series of tips and recommendations suggested by Servinformacion, Google Premier Partner in Colombia what offers solutions of  Google cloudto take better advantage of the platform Workspace:

Why use Workspace?

  • The service is optimized for organizations. Unlike free accounts, in this a custom professional domain can be set up and have more storage space.


  •  Mmore security options and can be applied administration controls over users.


  • Benefits at all levels of the organization. A strategic level allows information to be centralized, easy access and high availability.


  • Allows you to make decisions in a timely manner. Reduce risks by elevating collaboration and communication resources.


  • It is designed with a technology that is so fluid and intuitive it feels invisible, but I know anticipates needs and optimizes work in order to maximize time.


  • Integrated workspace: exist Multiple ways to access Google's integrated workspace.


  • There is a variety of plans designed to meet particular needs of companies. To discover which plan best suits what the company needs, for example, Servinformación has a team of experts willing to provide advice.

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