Infocomercio is the most accurate radiography of commerce in Colombia

Potentiate your company with Infocomercio

Infocomercio is the most complete census of commercial establishments carried out in Colombia, intelligent localized data are generated and classified according to the typology of the place.

The census allows your company to locate clients and prospects, to optimize the sales and marketing processes.

When carrying out the personalized information gathering of your clients, we offer your company an assertive planning tool.

Infocomercio 1
Infocomercio 2

Market Segmentation

Infocomercio 3

Database update and data quality

Infocomercio 4

Increase in sales

Infocomercio 5

Smart customer location

Infocomercio 6

Strategic decision making

Locate new opportunities and increase the sales of your company.

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Improve the Habeas Data of your company with Infocomercio

Infocomercio 7
Conduct a survey related to the Habeas Data Law to guarantee the signature of the document associated with each establishment.
Infocomercio 8
Achieve the physical document of the Habeas Data and Data Management information.
Infocomercio 9
Two (2) questions associated with the information of clients or products of the portfolio.

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