The evolution of the digital world is changing the way we communicate, buy and relate every day, therefore, companies must take advantage of the tools of the digital era to do to grow their businesses. Now, technology has already transformed the business sector, specifically the retail sector twice, the first of which was through the data revolution with what we now know and can be considered as digital oil.

To use the information generated thanks to Big Data, it is necessary to analyze trends and make projections of different areas, currently based on Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, companies continue to entrust the management of their data to programs such as Excel and prevent the goal of data collection and is to customize the products ie improve the sale.

Undoubtedly, the second revolution that marked the Retail sector was Social, understood as the empowerment of business thanks to the Internet, development on mobile devices and through social networks. Now, it is changing considerably thanks to the increasingly common appearance and application of artificial intelligence in all business processes.