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Políticas Información Localizada S.A.S. 

INFORMATION LOCALIZED SAS - SERVINFORMATION, It is allowed to inform all interested parties that in compliance with our Personal Data Protection Policy, the personal data that we obtain, store or process by virtue of the relationships that are celebrated with SERVINFORMACIÓN will be treated in accordance with the principles and duties defined in the Law 1581 of 2012 and other norms that deal with and regulate on this matter, always in function of striving for the respect and guarantee of fundamental and constitutional rights as well as for the improvement in the technification, efficiency and agility in the provision of our services.


Responsible for the processing of your personal data: The person responsible for the processing of your personal data will be SERVINFORMACIÓN, to whom the interested parties and owners may contact for the effective exercise of their rights of access, rectification, updating, deletion and revocation of the authorization of treatment. The exercise of these rights will be restricted according to the limits established by Law.


Address: For the purposes of this privacy notice, SERVINFORMACIÓN indicates as its address the one located at Calle 84 24-78, Bogotá. Colombia.


Transfer of personal data: For the correct provision of our services, SERVINFORMACIÓN may assign and / or transfer to third parties in whole or in part your personal data that are under our treatment, for the fulfillment of any of the purposes indicated in this Notice in the following cases:

  • To banking institutions, health administrators, pensions and other related providers, by virtue of payment processing.
  • To people related to SERVINFORMACIÓN for purposes of verification, review and certification in fiscal, tax and administrative matters.
  • To the public authorities to which SERVINFORMACIÓN is obliged by legal mandate to transfer or in the event that they officially require it within their powers.
  • To suppliers who assist SERVINFORMACIÓN for the effective fulfillment of our services related to activities of the corporate purpose of SERVINFORMACIÓN.
  • To clients with whom SERVINFORMACIÓN has any contractual or legal relationship.


In these cases, we inform you that SERVINFORMACIÓN will adopt the necessary measures so that the people who have access to your personal data comply with the Personal Data Protection Policy adopted by us, the Security Document and with the established personal data protection principles in the Law and other regulations that regulate this matter.


Exercise of your Rights: You or your duly accredited legal representative may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data; as well as to exercise, when appropriate, the rights of Access, Rectification, Update or Deletion that the Law provides through the formats that SERVINFORMACIÓN provides for such purposes free of charge through the following communication channel It is important to mention that the exercise of any of these rights is not a prerequisite, nor does it prevent the exercise of another right.


Modifications to the privacy notice: Any modification to this Notice will be notified to you through any of the following means: A written communication sent to your address or delivered to the SERVINFORMACIÓN headquarters (s); a message sent to your email or mobile phone; a message made known through or any electronic means that you use to carry out operations with our Company.


Security of the information. SERVINFORMACIÓN has adopted the technological, legal and organizational measures possible and necessary for the protection of your personal data, in order to guarantee the attributes of authenticity, integrity and availability of the information. 


For more information about the processing of your personal data, you can consult the following link SERVINFORMACIÓN's Personal Data Treatment Policy.


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