For Servinformación is very important to provide the best quality technical assistance.

Servinformación has an area of customer service and support, dedicated to meet requests and / or technical requirements, according to the scheme defined by the company.

The technical support provided by Servinformación includes the review of cases by a support professional, technical doubts and cases associated with components of the solution, including recommendations of good practices and escalations to service providers. The technical support does not include software development and consulting processes to generate additional functionalities to those previously established in the technical specification of the product, to perform information loading processes towards the solution or update of the databases depending on the business. For cloud solutions, the support offered by Servinformación focuses on the infrastructure of the service, using as a basis the states of the platform provided by Google.

Mesa de Ayuda
features Standard Premium
Hours of service 8 x 5 7 x 24
Language Spanish Spanish
Troubleshooting cases Yes Yes
Attention and solution of incidents During business hours Uninterrupted assistance
Initial attention time Up to 1 business hour Up to 30 minutes
Escalation of cases Hierarchical Hierarchical and functional
Access to assistance
Technical assistance resources Only by web platform By web platform, chat, email and telephone
Users who can log in to the support web platform 2 5
Follow up of cases by the client In real time In real time
Advisory services
Attention to consultations on best practices. Yes Yes
Assistance for architecture, implementation and deployment Recommended practice For specific cases
  1. Service subject to contracting by the client.
  2. Servinformación is able to offer managed support when the client hires it.
Online support

Types of Support

The remote support is the one that is offered by phone, chat, case platform and / or by email. If remote support requires intervention on the client's services, this will be done through remote access tools available in the cloud. The Client Company must select the persons responsible for requesting the support service, they must have a broad knowledge of the object and functions of the implemented system (at least one of them must be the administrator of the system) and notify them in writing to SERVINFORMATION. Cases must be scaled to the support of SERVINFORMATION through the web platform and must have been previously analyzed by users trained in the use and operation of the service.

On-site support refers to assistance outside of Bogotá. The Customer will assume the travel expenses of the support engineer of SERVINFORMATION that will go to solve the problems that you have with the software. The on-site support will be done by agreement of the parties as long as the remote support channels have been exhausted.

Types of criticality of the fault

Mesa de Ayuda

Priority 1 - Critical impact

It is understood that the service can not be used in production, which critically impacts the customer's operation.

Mesa de Ayuda

Priority 2 - Serious impact

It is understood that the service is seriously affected.

Mesa de Ayuda

Priority 3 - Moderate impact

It is understood that the service is partially affected.

Mesa de Ayuda

Priority 4 - Low impact

It is understood that the detected inconvenience does not affect or degrade the provision of the service.

Levels of Attention and Support

The following are the stipulated times for the technical escalation of the case according to the assigned priority:

Scaling Path Maximum Time by Gravity / Priority
Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4
Level 1 30 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 2 Hour
Level 2 30 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 2 Hour
Level 3 1 hour 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours

The times related in table 2 will be accounted for according to the support plan contracted by the client. *

The following describes the levels of care involved during the care and diagnosis of an incident in the service.


Group of Specialist Engineers SERVINFORMACIÓN.

Director of Technology and Operations SERVINFORMACIÓN. 

The support provided by SERVINFORMACIÓN is backed by a group of specialized engineers. *


SAS Local Information offers support and warranty for three months from the delivery certificate and receipt to satisfaction by the customer. After three months, the continuity of the support will be subject to the renewal and payment of the aforementioned service.

Equipment warranty when it is the case where SERVINFORMATION supply them, covers ONLY faults associated with MANUFACTURING DEFECTS.

Online support