machine learning

The era of the smart enterprise

Create, deploy and manage machine learning models from a single platform.

machine learning

Plataforma integral para la ciencia de datos y el aprendizaje automático (Machine learning)

AI Platform de Google facilita a los desarrolladores, científicos e ingenieros de datos la optimización de sus flujos de trabajo de aprendizaje automático. Con AI Platform, todos los usuarios pueden llevar sus proyectos de la fase de concepción a la de despliegue sin contratiempos, tanto si se trata de optimizar modelos avanzados como de realizar tareas del ámbito de la ciencia de los datos a través de AutoML. Aprovecha la experiencia de Google en el sector de la inteligencia artificial integrando nuestras revolucionarias tecnologías de IA en tus aplicaciones mediante herramientas como TPUs y TensorFlow.

machine learning


Prepare and store data sets with BigQuery. Then tag your training data with the help of the built-in Data Tagging Service. To do this, it applies functions such as classification, object detection and entity extraction to images, videos, audios and texts.

To create

AutoML and its simple interface allow you to create the best machine learning (Machine Learning) models without having to write a single line of code. You can also create them using your own code in AI Platform Notebooks, a managed Jupyter Notebook service that offers fully configured environments for developing models. Once created, AI Platform Training allows you to train them in the cloud.

To create


Validate your models with AI Explanations, a tool that helps you interpret the results they generate, verify their behavior and detect biases. In addition, it offers you ideas to improve your models and your training data. If you want to go a step further, use AI Platform Vizier, a black box optimization service with which you can adjust hyperparameters and refine the results of your models.

To deploy

Deploy your models at scale and get predictions in the cloud with Google's AI Platform Prediction, which manages the infrastructure needed to run your models and makes it easy to access to make prediction requests online and in batches. You can also use AutoML Vision Edge to deploy your models at the edge and generate real-time actions based on local data. For its part, TensorFlow Enterprise provides enterprise-grade support for your TensorFlow instance.

machine learning

Machine learning operations

Manage your models, experiments, and end-to-end workflows through machine learning operations. To do this, AI Platform Pipelines allows you to deploy consolidated and repeatable processing flows. In addition, thanks to continuous evaluation, you can monitor the performance of your models over time and receive feedback on it on an ongoing basis.

Integral Life Cycle of Automatic Learning (Machine Learning)

AI Platform Servinformación

Development with AI

We offer solutions that enable developers, scientists, and data engineers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy their projects.

Create, deploy and manage machine learning models from a single platform.

Use AutoML products (such as AutoML Vision or AutoML Translation) to train high-quality, custom machine learning models with little effort and no advanced subject knowledge required.

Easily add vision, language, conversation, and structured data capabilities to your applications.

Train deep and machine learning models profitably.

Deploy state-of-the-art, pre-trained AI solutions (such as Cloud Talent Solution, Document Understanding AI, and Contact Center AI) to your organization quickly and easily.

TensorFlow Enterprise provides enterprise-grade managed services, performance, and support for your AI workloads.


Conventional AI

Enjoy an AI that is able to speak, understand and interact.

Convert speech to text accurately with an API based on Google AI technologies.

Convert text into natural-sounding speech with an API based on Google AI technologies.

It offers customers uninterrupted access to an immediate self-service and conversational experience, easily redirecting them to human agents in the event of more complex issues.

Provide human agents with ongoing assistance during calls to help determine customer needs and provide detailed instructions in real time.

Extract valuable information from unstructured text with Google's machine learning.

Engage in conversations on different devices and platforms.

IA For documents

Use machine learning to extract valuable information from your documents and text data.

Dynamically translate between multiple languages with Google machine learning.

We offer you a solution capable of extracting text from documents with extraordinary precision and which, in addition, supports more than 200 languages. It also has a handwriting recognition function that supports 50 languages.

From the same API, you can access Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language products, as well as form and invoice analyzers.

Extract text and values from invoices, such as dates, addresses, phone numbers, companies, prices, and numeric values.

Extract text and spatial structures from documents with OCR technology to process and preserve complex data, including tabular content.

We offer you a solution capable of extracting text from documents with extraordinary precision and which, in addition, supports more than 200 languages. It also has a handwriting recognition function that supports 50 languages.


AI For business sectors

Solve specific problems in your business sector with the power of AI.

Add real-time audio translations directly to your content and applications.

Find, evaluate and link knowledge from the medical field in your text data.

Offers highly personalized product recommendations at scale.

We promote and standardize your business data and optimize its growth potential by generating more knowledge, better results

Smart business

Smart business

Our solutions are designed to optimize the performance of your processes, obtain greater profitability and get the most out of the control of your logistics operations in the field.

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