Infrastructure modernization

Spend less time on infrastructure and more time on innovate faster using our infrastructure modernization solutions.


La migración es el primer paso para dejar de administrar el hardware usted mismo y permitirle concentrarse en lo que hace que su negocio sea mejor.

Una vez en la nube, las empresas desbloquea el potencial de transformar su negocio a través de herramientas nativas de la nube, como análisis de datos, aprendizaje automático y contenedores. A través de la modernización de infraestructura, Google ofrece las siguientes soluciones para los clientes que buscan migrar a la nube.


What is infrastructure modernization?

La nube está transformando la TI: mejora el rendimiento, agrega nuevas capacidades y reduce los costos. Sin embargo, para las empresas con décadas de inversión en TI heredada, la migración puede resultar difícil. Google Cloud ofrece programas personalizados y servicios profesionales para impulsar la migración a la nube, para que los clientes puedan concentrarse en sus aplicaciones y datos y dejar que Google administre la infraestructura subyacente.

La migración

Encontrará muchos tipos diferentes de migraciones, incluidas las locales o la colocación en la nube, así como de la nube a la nube. El tipo de migración dependerá del tipo de aplicación o carga de trabajo que el cliente desee mover y adónde se moverá. Escuchará diferentes términos o nomenclaturas para las migraciones, como levantar y cambiar, mover y mejorar, reestructurar y más.


Data center migration to the cloud

Whether you need to move or downsize on-premises data centers, migrate workloads as-is, modernize applications, or move away from another cloud, we'll work together to create the right cloud migration solutions for you and your business.

Unlock the performance, scaling and security that Google Cloud brings to your business

With Google Cloud, minimize threats and protect your data in our data centers, hardware, and network cables with full visibility into our system.

The same products and services used by more than 1 billion users run on Google Cloud without compromising performance, agility, or cost.

Build, manage, and run modern hybrid applications on existing local hardware or across multiple public clouds with Anthos.


Design an appropriate data center migration plan for your business

From evaluation to optimization, RAMP helps you migrate your data center to the cloud faster and easier.

Migrate your app to Google Cloud without making changes to the platform or apps. Move or extend your local VMware workloads with VMware Engine. Incorporate specialized workloads, like Oracle, with our Bare Metal solution. You can also switch your local location databases to Google Cloud. All of these options help you maintain continuity with existing tools and policies, and unify administration across environments.

Migrate applications and workloads without rewriting or changing them; just run them on a new cloud native platform. Use Migrate for Compute Engine to move VM-based workloads from local hypervisors or from other clouds directly to Compute Engine. Streamline processes with recommenders and cost management, and help maximize performance, scaling, and costs in the cloud.

Convert existing applications and workloads to run in modern form factors without modifying code. Choose apps that run on VMs and automatically containerize GKE with Migrate for Anthos. Convert existing databases to Cloud Spanner instances or upgrade your data store to BigQuery. Achieve maximum density and performance for your workloads with cloud-native solutions.

Your cloud will grow with your business Use Anthos, our modern application platform, in your business to manage and maintain an architecture that suits your needs, migrate applications from the central unit, rewrite existing apps or create new ones using serverless technologies, like Cloud Functions and Cloud Run, and enhance existing apps with new cloud-native evolutions for maximum effect.

Visit our migration architecture hub to find additional reference architectures, guidance, and best practices for building or migrating your workloads on Google Cloud.

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