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171 Hrs

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Increase in income


Reduction in danger of data theft


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  • Uses calendars to know when others are free, and schedule meetings with automatic email invites.
  • With a single click, turn your meeting into a video conference from any computer, phone or tablet with a camera.
  • share your screen to review teamwork and make decisions on the fly.
  • Contact your co-workers, wherever they are.
  • Everything you need to carry out your projects.
  • Save your files and find what you are looking for instantly.
  • Manage your users, devices and data safely and easily.

Easily work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations on all devices, with or without an internet connection.

Work collaboratively! Keep all your work in one place with secure access from your computer, phone or tablet.

Protect your business data with security options like 2-step verification or single sign-on, and use mobile device management to keep data safe in the event of a device loss or employee workforce changes .

Business Firms: Promote security and collaboration in your company

We present you our exclusive and powerful module of Business Signature integrated with Google Workspace!

Web Application

Security of the information

Available 24 hours

free of borders

Reduced waiting times

What is it?

It is a web application designed to standardize signatures in Gmail emails within companies. With this application, it is possible to create personalized signatures in a simple way. The app has been developed using Google Workspace Apps Script, which guarantees a perfect integration with the corporate image of the companies. 


As a console administrator and having access to the application, you can create a signature that will be used by all users with Google accounts, and will be visible to other external accounts that receive email from Gmail.

The main advantage of this self-management application is its efficiency and rapid response capacity, which makes it possible to streamline processes related to electronic signatures.

  • It is user friendly.
  • It presents help tools for the creation of the signature.
  • It has informative alerts about the entire process until its completion.
  • It contains a dynamic editing module to facilitate the design of the signature.
  • Add signatures by organizational units.
  • Customize user information to the business profile.
  • Consumes the current data of existing users in the administrative console.
  • Gets the template of the signatures already created to make modifications or have a base for new ones in the future.
  • Validate access to the application through an authorized Gmail account.

Adjust your personalized signature in a matter of minutes

Design your signature according to Gmail's requirements using an editor with basic tools to facilitate an agile and dynamic process.

Now, thanks to the good reception in the market, we are pleased to announce that our business signatures module is available in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Brazil.  Join the growing list of companies that are reaping the benefits of this web application in these countries.

Do not wait any longer to bring security and collaboration to your company with Business Signatures!

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