Google for education

Initiative to improve education around the world

Make teaching and learning effective for everyone, from anywhere.


Our mission

Provide tools to educational communities that elevate teaching, learning, collaboration, and productivity on a secure platform. –Google Workspace


Empower your school community with easy-to-use tools that allow users to communicate, collaborate, teach, and learn with confidence.

Real-time collaboration, instant connection, and efficient productivity help keep everyone focused on teaching and learning.

Take advantage of these tools that evolve with the unique needs of your institution.

Rely on built-in, multi-layered security that meets rigorous education compliance and privacy standards.

Paid editions

Advanced security and statistics tools that help reduce risks and mitigate threats with greater visibility and control throughout your learning environment.

Enhanced tools for educators that help enrich communication and classroom experiences, as well as foster academic integrity.

Comprehensive solution that includes advanced security and statistics, improved teaching, learning, and much more.

What is the right edition for your institution?

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

Give your educational community a free toolkit that offers collaborative learning opportunities on a secure platform.

Google Workspace for Education Standard

Provides a more secure learning environment through advanced security and statistical tools.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Adds enhanced tools for educators for video communications, academic integrity, and classroom experiences.

Google Workspace for Education Plus

Get a comprehensive solution that includes advanced security and statistics, teaching and learning, and much more.

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