Specialized Geospatial Solutions 

Geospatial solutions

Aerial Photographs

We have the technology to take and process high-resolution aerial photographs, through manned and unmanned aircraft, which makes it easier for us to cover large extensions of territory, generating more precise and quality cartographic information. 

  • High resolution photos.
  • Exploration of places with difficult access.
  • Color or multispectral photographs.
  • Orthophotos
  • orthophotomosaic
  • Generation of Basic and Thematic Cartography
Geospatial solutions

*In the government sector they can be acquired easily and quickly through the On-line shop of the Colombian state of the Price Framework Agreement in:


Multipurpose Cadastre

We have comprehensive solutions for the management of the Multipurpose Cadastre for territorial entities, through the promotion of projects that generate sustainability, welfare to the territories, seeking that the cadastre is digital, interoperable, open and is the means of management and governance of the land. To be able to provide greater efficiency to the cadastral public service and generate information exploitation capacities in the territories.

  • Manager empowerment or strengthening of the current ones
  • Generation of updated and quality information of the territory 
  • Technological solution (LADM Native) for information management with which we facilitate its integration, administration and efficient control.
  • The cadastral viewer can be acquired through the Demand Aggregation Instrument - Software by Colombia Purchase Efficient Catalog. Our platform provides solutions for each of the steps of the data life cycle and the cadastral updating process, from the moment the data is received by the IGAC and/or other entities, to being able to efficiently provide the cadastral public service and exploit information for multipurpose purposes.

Terrestrial monitoring service

We have an innovative platform for exploring data from Earth Observation satellites to monitor the stability of infrastructures in supply, sanitation and natural risk systems, which optimizes inspection, maintenance and decision-making activities in management of assets and the welfare of citizens. Through this platform that is delivered as a service, it is possible to identify urban dynamics, changes in land use, earth movements (slides and subsidence), monitor public service networks, among others.

  • Utilities: Oil, Gas, Mining, Aqueducts and Sewers.
  • Engineering: Airports, Highways, Tunnels, Bridges, Dams, Metro, Dredging, Offshore Drilling.
  • Food production: Fishing, aquaculture, agricultural productivity, Precision agriculture
  • Government: urban plans, illegal mining, forest fires, marine and coastal environment.

Smart cities

yesSaaS solution for city-wide collaboration that enables government agencies and other organizations multiple ways to share data and coordinate actions for ad-hoc, routine, and emergency situations. 

We provide a network workspace and a unified view of information within and between different entities. Participants can actively collaborate and securely share data as events unfold, overcoming technical and political barriers that often result in missed opportunities, conflicting actions, errors, and delays.

With this solution we intend to build an information ecosystem that facilitates collaboration between the government and all stakeholders, in an open, transparent and reliable manner; with this we seek that all participants obtain mutual value. 

  • It promotes real-time collaboration and efficient transition between everyday tasks in the event of large-scale emergencies, such as flooding from a severe storm.
  • Users can check for automatic updates through channels that respect data exchange standards. 
  • It has the ability to send and receive alarms in dangerous and life-threatening situations, such as rising water levels. The alarm also alerts you to the priority level, the location of the emergency, and a primary point of contact.
  • It is possible to manage incidents and plan important events, such as a summit in the city.

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Smart business

Smart business

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