The Switch from G Suite to Google Workspace tool

The platform optimizes its tools to improve communication and user productivity.

With the right solution, companies and teams can collaborate more easily. Make time for what's important and foster human connections, no matter where they are.


Google changes the name of the solution and calls it Google Workspace, in order to more accurately represent the vision of the product. Seamlessly integrating all the main elements of the work  and security tools.


Servinformacion Premier Partner of Google in Colombia, which offers Google Cloud Solutions, gives the following Recommendations to keep in mind when using Workspace:


  •  Google Workspace is optimized for organizations. A custom business domain can be set up.


  • Mmore security options. Administration controls on users and increased storage space can be applied.


  •  Profits at all levels of the organization. In conclusion, it allows information to be centralized, easily accessible and highly available.


  • Allows timely decision making, reduce risk and enable users to innovate through a culture of collaboration and communication.


  • Get to know the entire integrated workspace: There are multiple ways to access Google's integrated workspace. Free accounts, educational accounts and for companies that are interested in learning more about Google Workspace there are free trial periods.


  •  Be aware of the packages offered by Google Workspace: There are a variety of plans designed to meet the particular needs of businesses. To find out which plan is best suited to what the company needs, Servinformacion has a team of experts willing to provide advice.

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