Five benefits of geomarketing in business processes

The development of new technological solutions has allowed small, medium and large companies to implement tools that allow them to optimize their business processes and facilitate decision-making related to their marketing strategy.

By combining the marketing and the geography organizations can access in real time relevant information about their customers, the sector and their competition.


company specialized in intelligent location. Designed a cloud tool Geomarketing in response to the needs of the logistics and commercial areas of the country's main industries.

Through this solution, businessmen and entrepreneurs can predict and interpret the macroeconomic environment in which their company is located and thus obtain greater benefits based on the collection of localized data.

«Geomarketing It is based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data collected for each company and the different available data sources such as Open Data.

In this way, the platform allows customers to be well segmented to offer them what they are looking for and thus achieve an optimal service.

This tool analyzes the situation of a business by locating its customers, its points of sale, its branches and its competition, locating them on a digital map through personalized symbols and colors”,

he claimed Luis Manuel Faviani, commercial manager of Servinformation.

This innovative marketing strategy has presented positive results in the profitability of retailers, since it allows them to reduce their costs and increase their sales.

Servinformation highlights the five main benefits that Geomarketing offers to commercial processes in Peru.

1. Analyze consumer behavior. Knowing the behavior of users is key in the growth of any business. This will allow the commercial area to more easily segment the company's target and properly focus the distribution of the product or service.

2. Streamline distribution processes. In order to increase sales and reduce company costs, it is important to establish a distribution route. In this way the cost benefit ratio will be seen.

3. Acquire information on the company's market. Through data collection and analysis, companies will be able to expand information on the sector and establish their market strategy with greater clarity.

4. Increase in sales. This point is the result of the proper use of Geomarketing. By establishing a clear distribution route, segmenting the market, minimizing time and identifying the objectives of the commercial area, a progressive increase in the company's sales will be obtained.

5. Know the competition and potential customers. Having knowledge of the environment guarantees the success of the organization. With the analysis of the data offered by the tool, the user will be able to innovate in their commercial strategy and attract new clients.

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