Servinformación is a company that seeks, through technology, to transform data into high-impact solutions for its clients. To achieve this goal, it has aligned its work teams with the organizational purpose, which allowed it to be recognized as a great place to work. 

For this company, the main factor of competitiveness is having a work atmosphere that values error, favors the emergence of organic leadership, understands the preferences of its teams and permanently invests in itself. "It is from the investment in the well-being of its workers and organizational climate, which make the difference in the market," says Mónica Patiño, its President. 

However, the fundamental thing lies in communicating and recognizing, since through these two pillars the commitment of the collaborators is fostered and the expected financial performance is obtained.

In times of uncertainty, such as those registered during the pandemic, maintaining permanent communication with the work team at the organizational level was a critical issue. For managers, this issue “reinforces credibility with the employer and favors emotional connection which, when combined with a systematic individual and collective recognition of effort, discipline and commitment, builds an atmosphere of pride, a solid sense of belonging and collective prosperity: translated into business continuity and benefits for the team " 

In addition, it is clear that an excellent work environment is achieved when each of the members of your team genuinely lives the purpose of the organization, as this speaks of the perfect synchrony between what the company seeks and what the employee wants. And they understand that an excellent work environment is one that generates satisfaction and pride in its employees and offers opportunities for growth. "In our case, it is a reason for happiness when our teams do not hesitate to refer to Servinformación as their family", points out Sandra Rodríguez, manager of Human Management.

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