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Industry: Agrotech

Location: Colombia


Multiple and varied agents intervene in Colombian agricultural chains; who face daily decisions about what and when to produce, what crops, with what technology, where and when to sell, how to mitigate and transfer risks, who to finance, what the risks are. However, to give answers to these questions, these actors do not have access to the sources of information that allow them to make the best decision, or when they can consult them, they do not relate all the variables that affect the result or it is not provided with enough chance. Faced with this challenge, Servinformación and SFA CEBAR, devised AgrodatAi as a platform; that through the interaction of users and various sources of information; allow the different actors in the agro-chains to make decisions related to supply, demand, prices, climate, markets, harvest calendars, credit potential, through data, indicators, forecasts, risk models, alerts, which contribute to improve competitiveness and reduce productive, financial and market risks.


Guided by our main focus, AgrodatAi is designed in different components, which make it the best solution for the agricultural sector; Each of these components is reflected in different technological challenges that we take on and solve with cloud-based technologies such as Google maps,Google Earth Engine, Google cloud, DialogFlow, Carto and Twilio, providing an agile response to each of the user's needs.

One of our great components that leads us to provide information almost in real time is our Data Lake, which is fed by authorized databases and internal databases that go through different ETL processes (Extraction, transformation and loading) to provide a reliable and scalable product over time. 

Results with the tool used

  • Consolidation of more than 100 public, private and own databases. 
  • Delivery of information, analysis, forecasts, alerts and notifications, based on the location and agricultural products of interest to the user.
  • Provide a space to consolidate all the actors of the Colombian agricultural chain in a single Platform. 
  • Have weather and price forecasts.
  • Users designed according to the particular role of each actor in the agro chain.

About the client

AgrodatAi is a Platform designed for all actors in the agro chain, among which are producers, marketers, processors, suppliers, banks, insurers, transporters, logistics agents, research centers, educational institutions, territorial and government entities. national; with the aim of helping them make better decisions in their businesses or particular roles, promote the connection between them and manage knowledge as a generator of competitive intelligence to strengthen the Colombian agricultural sector

About the partner
Servinformacion SA

We are a data company, leaders in the development of solutions that organize and enrich the information of our clients.

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