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CConstruction of the data lake in Google Cloud Platform with a Datalake, to improve processes and obtain a short-term return on investment.


It is required to implement a flow for the analysis and processing of your data, thus being able to make available the files from different sources in xlsx and csv (RAW) format, corresponding to the billing processes.nya glosses in a single storage.


The successful construction of the data lake in Google Cloud Platform was carried out with a Datalake which allows the collection of a variety of business data at scale, from different sources of information, both for structured and unstructured data, making it available for analysis and decision making. .


It was possible to modernize the client's data warehouse, which contains different sources of information from their transactional systems, this information was migrated to Cloud Storage, processed with Jupiter Notebooks, and later sent to Bigquery, there was modeling of the data, which are finally displayed through Dynamic dashboards in Datastudio. 

With the solutions of Google Cloud Platform, the client has seen that with cloud services, internal processes can be automated and in this way have a short-term return on investment, the accompaniment of Servinformacion throughout the implementation and change management was essential to achieve the objectives raised. 

About the Client

foscal is a health service provider institution of high complexity, with the highest quality standards, committed to providing humane and safe care for our users. 

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