more than one apps.

Google Maps Platform, worldwide, is a highly recognized location platform, which provides georeferencing, location, location, mobility, travel route planning services, among others. In reality, it is more than what is in the collective imagination of people, which only works to track or find an exact point on a map. It is here where Servinformation As a Google Partner in Cloud Platform such as Cloud, Maps, Workspace and Looker lines, it maximizes the search for the best suppliers of products, allies and complementary services with technology experts to consolidate its solutions; thus delivering the best to its customers.

Through Google Maps, a platform that works for different industries, such as transportation, logistics, food delivery, banking, among others. It helps to improve and enhance the experience of companies with their customers, with their employees and, at the same time, allows them to advance at the pace of technology. A clear example is the taxi driver union, who recently implemented Google Maps ODRD – On-demand Rides & Deliveries and LFMS – Last Mile Fleet Solution, this time through Servinformación it was possible for the transport company, Free Taxis became the first company of its kind in the country to adopt this solution, which will be aimed at improving the service for both operators and users. Currently, they have more than 27,000 active drivers and 100,000 daily services.

Google Maps, through Servinformación, will market these two tools in its expansion process throughout the region, thus contributing to the economy of the companies and with the goal of improving the 100% user experience.

Another case of pride and that has been favored with integrations of Google products and their applications, is Rappi who uses Google Maps Platform to enable location intelligence in its core banking, creating a banking model where customers can start using financial services as quickly as ordering a hamburger.

Rappi, which launched in 2015 as a delivery service for electronics, food, groceries, household items and more, recognized the lack of digital payment options in the countries it serves, including Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. In 2019, he decided to enter the financial services industry by implementing his own credit card to help the unbanked and underbanked people living in the countries he serves.

Results with the tool used

  • Consolidation of more than 100 public, private and own databases.
  • Delivery of information, analysis, forecasts, alerts and notifications, based on the location and agricultural products of interest to the user.
  • Provide a space to consolidate all the actors of the Colombian agricultural chain in a single Platform. 
  • Have weather and price forecasts.
  • Users designed according to the particular role of each actor in the agro chain.

With this experience, Servinformación makes the impossible possible in terms of technology, becoming the best opportunity to associate or allow your company to enter the list of clients that will be able to convert your business or company into data consolidation, information assets and being present where the data is generated, at the exact moment, providing accompaniment and support so that its clients make the best decisions; taking into account that technology went from being an expense to becoming a strategic element that makes a difference.

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