The new measurement of the consultancy, Great Place To Work, call The Best Places to Work in Colombia 2020, accredits 40 companies that operate in the country as ideal places for collaborators since they meet the necessary characteristics for this.

The consulting firm classified them into three categories: up to 300 workers (which has 15 companies); between 301 and 1,500 employees (which has 20 companies) and more than 1,500 employees (the one with the fewest companies with just five).

The winner of the first category (up to 300 collaborators) was Comprehensive Project Management (GIP SAS), with 139 collaborators, a Colombian company specialized in project management consulting services with more than 20 years of experience in the market.

In the context of the pandemic, its main objective, in terms of people management, focused on strengthening and guaranteeing the conditions oriented towards the well-being of its employees.

For this reason, the organization carries out periodic, precise and objective measurements to know the perception of its work environment. This has allowed them to have a solid base for the construction of new projects and to transform with innovation.

Some of its greatest challenges and challenges during 2020 were managing the uncertainty generated by the pandemic and successfully overcoming the transition to the new work dynamics that the new normal brought with it.

To this end, the organization developed the “intelligent adaptation to change” strategy, where it took early isolation measures, adjusted working conditions based on productivity and customer service, and strengthened its different organizational programs.

The winner of the category between 301 and 1,500 employees is the Solidarity Insurance Company of Colombia, Cooperative Entity, with 933 workers, In 2020 he entered this list for the actions they took to know the perception and feelings of his collaborators.

After a year of changes for humanity, in a strategic way they sought to get closer and know much more about their collaborators, in order to define action plans to continue strengthening the culture and join forces to achieve the strategic objectives and, in the same way, continue managing business, customer relations and company profitability.

And the winner of the category more than 1,500 collaborators was Telecenter Panamericana, with 2,130 workersAccording to the company, the priority is to offer a good experience of service and care to its collaborators.

As a result of the contingency caused by the pandemic, the organization has redoubled these efforts and prioritized ensuring that its people can work and take care of themselves from home. They made the decision to transfer more than 2,000 people to remote work, because they recognize the importance of their work environment.

"2020 was the time to take advantage of what they had built in terms of belonging and love for the company, and the results were immediate, because they are clear about the purpose that unites them: to make customers loyal for life," he said. the company.

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