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It allows to carry out data quality processes to improve the planning and strategies of your company, allowing to obtain the greatest potential of the information delivered, it covers the normalization or standardization, validation, georeferencing and information enrichment.

It is a marketing tool that allows you to analyze the variables of a business through the exact location of customers, points of sale, branches and competition, locating on a digital map that allows different analyzes to be tailored to the customer.

Solution specialized in internal and external logistics of any type of operation, focused on optimizing resources (people and vehicles) and on-site and administrative processes, minimizing travel times and amount of resources, with real-time activity control.

Census of commercial establishments carried out in the country, generating georeferenced and classified information. Infocomercio allows you to locate new opportunities and carry out marketing strategies.

Google maps

Find out how you can improve your business with valuable real-world data and immersive location experiences. Get discounts for large volumes of purchases and credit card payments.

Google Cloud Partner

Develop applications in less time, make better business decisions and connect with others wherever they are. Accelerate your transformation with Google Cloud.

Premier Partner

Find out how Google Workspace can help you be more efficient with collaboration and business productivity tools enjoyed by millions of users.

Welcome to the new age of data! Today it is not enough to have the ability to collect information, it is necessary to have a robust system that allows processing, ordering, analyzing and enriching them.

Google Cloud Partner

government Google Cloud helps government agencies improve services for citizens, increase operational effectiveness, and deliver proven innovation.

Premier Partner

government An easy-to-use, integrated workplace, Google Workspace lets you spend less time managing your tasks and more time doing them.

Colombia Efficient purchase

government The object of Framework Agreement is to establish the conditions for the contracting of Google Products and the provision of Google Services under the Framework Agreement by Suppliers.

machine learning

The most important census of commercial establishments in the country, has georeferenced and classified information according to the typology of the place. With Infocomercio you will be able to locate new opportunities and carry out marketing strategies to increase the company's sales.

It provides shopkeepers with the capabilities to monitor the performance of their business while providing companies with enriched and detailed information on the performance of their products in the traditional channel.


It is the business unit specialized in providing detailed information on the performance of products marketed through the traditional channel. It allows companies to monitor the main marketing variables to evaluate the performance of their brands.

Google for education

Our Commitment to Education Making teaching and learning effective for everyone, from anywhere.


We train our clients' work teams, allowing them to complement their knowledge and prepare to take the official exams.

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