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About Sitidata

SitiData allows data quality processes to improve the planning and strategies of your company, allowing you to obtain the greatest potential of the information delivered, covers the Normalization or standardization, Validation, Georeferencing and Enrichment of the information for 1,050 municipalities at the property and vector level with population coverage of 96%.

Results with the tool used with Google Maps Platform

  • Google Maps Platform It is a tool that contributes to the information geolocation strategy, its APIs allow obtaining the greatest potential for the quality processes that SitiData offers to users.

Products (used) from Google Cloud Platform

    • APP Engine: It has allowed the construction, rapid and efficient deployment of web applications, it has also benefited from automatic scaling without worrying about the infrastructure.
    • Cloud Storage: It offers the object storage service on a global scale and with high availability where it allows us to integrate different types of storage in a single API, optimizing in a simple way the relationship between price and performance.
  • Cloud SQL: Provides an easy administration of the instances with the possibility of arranging them in different regions and zones.
  • FireBase: Facilitates the way to share data in real time and the easy sending of notifications and their integration with the application.
  • Big Query: Allows great scalability in data storage, improving analyst productivity, managing to handle millions of data and obtain results in seconds.
  • DataStudio: It makes it possible to use different data sources and integrate them into the same report, allowing you to easily create filters and metrics to handle raw data and translate them into easy-to-interpret Dashboards
  • Cloud Load Balancing - Scales Compute Engine applications from scratch to full performance without the need to prepare. Distribute load-balanced computing resources across one or more regions to meet the high availability requirements of the application.
  • Compute Engine: Allows you to create and deploy applications on a fully managed platform. Seamlessly scale applications from scratch without having to bypass underlying infrastructure management processes. With serverless administration and zero-configuration deployments, developers can focus on building great applications, without the overhead of management.
  • Datastore: is a NoSQL document database created to provide automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development. Datastore features include the following:
    • Atomic transactions. Datastore can execute a set of operations, all or none of which are successful.
    • High availability of reads and writes. Datastore runs in Google's data centers, which use redundancy to reduce the impact of points of failure.
    • Massive scalability with high performance. Datastore uses a distributed architecture to manage scaling automatically. Datastore uses a combination of indexes and query constraints so that your queries scale with the size of your result set and not with the size of your data set.
    • Flexible data storage and query. Datastore is naturally correlated with programming and object-oriented languages, and is exposed to applications through various clients. It also provides a query language similar to SQL.
    • Balance between strong and eventual coherence. Datastore ensures that keyed entity queries and top queries always receive data with strong consistency. All other queries have eventual consistency. Consistency models allow your application to deliver an excellent user experience while handling large amounts of data and users.
  • DataFlow: is a managed service that runs a wide variety of data processing patterns. The documentation on this site shows how to implement streaming and batch data pipelines using Dataflow, and also includes instructions on using the service features. The Apache Beam SDK is an open source programming model that allows you to develop batch and streaming pipelines.
  • Pub / Sub: is an asynchronous messaging service that separates services that produce events from services that process events. You can use Pub / Sub as a messaging-oriented middleware or event passing and delivery for your streaming statistics pipelines. Pub / Sub offers durable message storage and real-time message delivery with high availability and consistent performance on a large scale. Pub / Sub servers run on all Google Cloud regions, around the world.
  • Stack Driver: It is a distributed monitoring system that collects latency data about your applications and displays it on the Google Cloud Platform console. You can track how requests are propagated through your applications and receive detailed performance statistics in near real time. Stackdriver Trace automatically analyzes all of your application's tracking data to generate detailed latency reports and detect performance degradations. You can capture tracking data from all your containers, VMs, or Google App Engine projects.

With Stackdriver Trace, you can inspect detailed information about the latency of a single request or view the total latency of the entire application. With the various filters and tools provided, you can find bottlenecks and also identify their root cause quickly.


Define as a tool that allows data to be exchanged between heterogeneous systems, oriented to the process of normalization and georeferencing of cadastral coordinates and addresses, through defined standards, in a controlled manner through the intranet / Internet. When consumed by business applications, it is identified as a tool that receives a request, sends it to the central GeoData service through protocols and as a result normalizes, valid, enriches and georeferenced, returning the information to the user through JavaScript. Object Notation (JSON). *


SitiData developed a series of service modules called Massive, Zoning and Near Point.

Where it is allowed to carry out the quality process of flat file data that contain a large number of records, in order to process them and obtain an adequate result in the shortest possible time.

SitiData to complement the process of Standardization, Validation and Enrichment of the data allows to perform spatial crossings to determine nearby areas and points of interest for users who need to integrate the tool into their platforms.


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