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Industry: Technology and Innovation Services
Location: Colombia

About Logical Infrastructure Migration

Gluky had its infrastructure in Amazon Web Services and Digitalocean with which the applications and databases of several of its clients work, they wanted to reduce costs and obtain better Cloud benefits to innovate and give greater value to their clients, so they opted for migrate to Google Cloud Platform to take advantage of the great benefits of pay-per-use, custom applications and infrastructure, and extensive support and integration with open source technologies.


Initially, the main purpose was to reduce costs with the migration of their functional applications to Google Cloud Platform, deploying the legacy product in Drupal for each of the Kubernetes Clusters.


The applications and databases that they had in Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean were successfully migrated to Google Cloud Platform in a single Kubernetes Engine Cluster, the databases went to Cloud Sql where a great cost reduction was obtained since they were oversized.

The architecture has been changed to one in which a single cluster is used, it lives within the Shared VPC and exists per environment (a total of two clusters, production and development), each application is divided by pool of nodes, of This mode separates the administrative concept of application by virtual machines by pool of nodes, while for the administrative part of the cluster the applications are separated by workspaces (namespaces), managing to isolate the information from the clients.

In the same way, each client has an in-memory Redis database and a transactional Cloud SQL database, the first used for the database query cache and the second used for the entire transactional topic generated from Drupal, the latter being the base of the migrated image of all applications to GCP.

Only one virtual machine has been implemented within the DMZ segment, this is intended to allow BI staff to connect to relational databases in a secure and private way, working as a VPN Client to site with OpenVPN with a linux client.

The core business base is generated through a single dockerized Drupal image, this is deployed from Bitbucket through Bitbucket Devops, and stored in the Container Registry on GCP.

All of the above contributed to growth and technological optimization for Gluky, encouraging new Analytics, Machine Learning, DevOps and Security projects, consolidating its trust in Google Cloud Platform as its main provider of cloud technology.

Results of the migration to Google Cloud Platform

With the migration to Google Cloud Platform, it was possible to support its applications and databases of its different clients and it was possible to obtain the benefits of having platforms as a service and software as a service to achieve a business focus on innovation and not on administrative management of infrastructure, also leveraging the scalability, durability, and high availability of Google Cloud Platform services to meet underlying service level agreements with customers, pay-per-use, continuous use discounts and continuous use commitments to obtain low costs and great capacity for growth.

This migration leveraged by the Google Cloud Platform and Servinformación team managed to benefit Gluky since they took advantage of the great technological benefits and have achieved leverage of different Machine Learning and AI, Data Analytics and Infrastructure projects, thus extending the services they offer. to each of your clients.

About the client

Gluky is a company specialized in incentivizing, retaining and motivating employees, sales forces, channels and clients, helping to improve the results of our clients, offering them a wide portfolio of benefits that are connected with the purpose of each brand.

The business, which was born in 2007, consists of developing recognition and compensation strategies that encourage and build loyalty, from sales teams to marketing channels and customers. They mobilize people to meet business indicators through a technological platform that allows these programs to be deployed in a scalable, measurable way and to generate the information that guides incentives

Servinformacion SA

We are a data company, leaders in the development of solutions that organize and enrich the information of our clients.

Google Cloud Platform Products Used

Compute Engine: Compute Engine offers virtual machines that can be configured and run in Google's data centers. These machines have block storage and a high-performance network infrastructure, The Drupal application needs to share a persistent file zone with reliability to write to it, for this a GCE disk with enabled snapshots is used, which is presented to the application through an NFS, which in turn is converted by means of a Persistent Volume (PV) and a PVC (Persistent Volume Claim) into a mount point for the Drupal application.

Kubernetes Engine: It consists of a Master that is 100% managed by Google and this is where the Kubernetes base installation is located, it works as the brain of the Cluster, Nodes that are the virtual machines that support the Cluster, Pods that are the abstraction of the containers that are based on images normally compiled by Docker. Kubernetes Engine stands out for providing OS with “Hardening” designed for GKE (Container-Optimized OS), it provides auto scaling, auto upgrade, auto repair and supports interruptible nodes (cheaper), in this product Gluky hosts the different applications composed of microservices .

Cloud Sql: Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service that makes it easy for you to set up, maintain, and manage relational MySQL databases on Cloud Platform. The Cloud SQL connector allows you to access Cloud SQL database information from Data Studio, Gluky application databases are Cloud SQL with MySQL 5.7, they work outside the cluster and have a different size depending on The application works without HA, it connects through an ExternalName from the cluster and a private IP.

Container Registry: It is the technology that provides private storage of docker images, granting versioning, automatic scanning of vulnerabilities on the images, fast and with high availability by default, The application is deployed through Bitbucket DevOps in Container Registry, from where it is used in the deployments of the application in the same cluster, the application as mentioned above is based on Drupal, and in general all the applications in the cluster use the same concept of deployment through Bitbucket as a base.

Cloud Storage: It is an object storage with unlimited storage without minimum object size, provides accessibility and storage locations around the world, low latency, 99.9% durability so it is safe and reliable, provides different storage classes for any load of work, allows to handle versioning and life cycle of objects, encryption at rest by default and the possibility of using encryption keys managed or provided by each user, among the different benefits the one that stands out the most is the low cost and payment only for what is stored.

Redis MemoryStore: Memorystore for Redis provides a fully managed service for Redis in-memory data storage that allows application caches to be created to provide data access in less than milliseconds, Drupal manages an in-memory cache through a database such as Redis , this is deployed in Memorystore, the GCP managed Redis service, the connection to it is achieved through an ExternalName and a private IP, which can be reached through the same VPC in which the database is connected.

Shared VPC: In Shared VPC, an organization can connect resources from multiple projects to a common virtual private cloud (VPC) network to communicate with each other securely and efficiently using internal IPs on that network. When you use a shared VPC, you must designate a project as a host project and connect one or more service projects to it. The VPC networks in the host project are known as Shared VPC networks. The resources eligible for service projects can use subnets in the shared VPC network, The project consists of a separate Shared VPC in a separate project, to achieve independent application roles by staff roles, the Shared VPC project is infra -sharedvpc-productive, which has the required networks and subnets for the different Gluky nodes and environments.

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