Challenger and the Challenge to Grow

In 1966, one of the Colombian companies was born that is a role model and has earned the admiration and respect of consumers in a high-growth segment: consumer electronics. During these last 52 years, challenger has evolved its business at the pace of current technologies and compete one on one with the big players in world electronics, thanks to the expansion and strengthening of its product line, as well as its manufacturing processes.

The company hopes to grow in new market segments, through innovation, as a factor that marks substantial differences compared to its competitors. For this reason, the company needs to strengthen its commercial management, through intelligent, reliable and robust platforms.


Challenger is undergoing a transformation process that will be definitive to ensure its growth in the coming years. One of these fronts is precisely the technological update of its systems in order to be in tune with current market dynamics.

Despite enjoying significant recognition and a consolidated presence in the local market, the company needs to enter the digital ecosystem in the most appropriate way in order to position its new lines of business, efficiently manage its databases and strengthen its schemes. of attention. Creating a flexible, robust and friendly E-Commerce platform is a specific need to continue consolidating in the market.

“Thanks to the customized solutions that the technical and administrative team of Servinformación offers us in a holistic way, we have been able to implement a digital environment starting to execute our digital strategy and work in a test environment that facilitates us making decisions of the kind commercial ”affirms Chistian Hernández, Head of Tics projects.


Taking into account the objectives of the organization, Servinformación deployed the E-Commerce solution acquired by Challenger on the Google Cloud platform, under strict parameters of scalability, flexibility, with the benefits of having a self-managed and versatile platform, which provides a friendly and intuitive interface. Thanks to this implementation, Challenger will have the ability to perform a deeper analysis of its data, in order to achieve exponential growth in its new lines of business.

Being a scalable 100% platform, it takes advantage of all the data collected to incorporate it into all its business processes, in order to manage the information in an efficient and organized manner. The E-Commerce platform uses the power and functions of Google Analytics to better understand the buying patterns of consumers, their behavior and interaction with the brand, which in the end will allow a better approach and finally the loyalty of this consumer.

Additionally, this platform, being hosted in the cloud, reduces the costs associated with the maintenance of physical equipment and system updates. Google Cloud Platform provides absolute reliability and security, allowing customers to implement, among others, payment gateway systems that are very useful when driving transactional business in the digital world. Servinformación was in charge of designing the architecture of the solution, which contains the necessary components to achieve greater productivity. Among them, the following stand out: HTTPS Load Balancer, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, among others, which ensure high system availability, unified object storage, managed databases, among many other benefits.

The solution will allow Challenger to focus exclusively on increasing its sales and on the growth strategy for the new lines of business that will soon be available on the market.

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