EPM – Hidrohituango


Industry: Government and public sector

Location: Colombia

About Covid-19 Footprint

Huella COVID-19 is a platform carried out in collaboration with the Mayor's Office of Medellín, the Government of Antioquia, Grupo EPM Servinformacion and Google Cloud Platform  that allows presenting the information of the geographical analyzes that indicate the chronology of infections over time, current positive cases and possible first-degree contact suspects, as well as graphs to obtain second-degree.

On the other hand, it shows results, trends and areas of contagion focus at the time of scheduling departures and admissions of shift personnel for the 3 camps of Hidroituango with the possibility of expansion to all the Group's work centers.


As an initiative for control and high-impact decision making with innovative technologies (Intelligent Localization, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence), In the first instance, the main challenge was to achieve the development of a WEB platform safe to allow viewing of all available sources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


WEB platform contains the mobility of 300 billion data from more than 1.5 billion mobile devices in Antioquia, this information is anonymized and stored for more than 6 months, which comes from advertising sources authorized by the user in the applications (in people's privacy and identity is respected at all times)

This historical footprint information is taken in real time, associated with the great variety of geographic information of the EPM Group facilities, georeferenced at the level of blocks and work areas, unified and transformed for the delivery of geographic and descriptive analytics that serve to decision-making authorities.

With this fingerprint technology, the ID of people's cell phones is monitored in real time, daily health surveys are compared and analytics are carried out in which virus carriers are identified in specific sites in their traceability of the past within the Blocks. of the Camps, people who have been 10 meters away and for more than 15 minutes identified as possible suspects, internal and external mobility patterns, social distancing. With this result, internal prevention and management campaigns are carried out for personnel to achieve an effective containment of the spread of COVID-19

Results with the tool used

With the platform, the EPM Group found a tool for monitoring, control, management and decision-making, which is focused on focusing joint efforts between the different entities related to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding possible suspects of being asymptomatic carriers of the virus to which their situation was communicated and step to follow to avoid an uncontrolled expansion.

About the client

The Colombian EPM Group, whose main headquarters is located in Medellín - Antioquia, is made up of companies that are located in Central America, Chile, Mexico, the United States, Spain and Colombia.

Its market is based on the services of electricity, natural gas, drinking water, basic sanitation, collection, use and final disposal of garbage, and information and communication technologies.

About the partner

Servinformacion SA

We are a data company, leaders in the development of solutions that order and enrich the information of our customers.

Products (used)

SitiData: The importance of geographic analysis is based on the correct location, standardization, and validation of addresses, hence the importance of the SitiData service to improve strategies and enhance information.

Google Cloud Platform: From application platforms to containers, virtual machines and data storage and descriptive and predictive analytics, GCP technology offers all its computing capabilities in the cloud for the effective fulfillment of goals.

Google Maps Platform: Using the GCP infrastructure, Google Maps Platform delivers geographic data enrichment through the use of its many integration APIs providing users with the best known geographic visualization without losing capabilities, reliability, and performance.

Maps JavaScript API: It allows the visualization of the map itself. From this API, users can view any result of information on places of cultural interest or activities obtained through the Google Maps APIs that we want to implement.

Paw print: The human mobility information in real time from more than 1,500 million devices becomes the input to know the behaviors of people at a certain time and place, finding behavior patterns to carry out different analyzes.

LETTER: The future of Smart Location is found in a platform with the power to perform spatial analysis, data science workflows, visualization, storage, integration and management of different data sources.

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