Infocommerce launches census to learn about commercial dynamics after the pandemic

After the world crisis, there is no precise knowledge of how many establishments closed due to the situation, how many migrated to other places and how many emerged.

Servinformacion decided to launch “Infocomercio 2021” on the market. A version that has updated information and also with the integration with Servihuella, allows to deliver data of human mobility. Allowing to understand in real time, the sociodemographic profile of those who visit the stores and in this way to be able to segment both current and potential customers.

A logistical deployment is made with a large operational team to go through each of the blocks of the 5 main cities of the country, censusing the existing businesses. Two years ago they managed to capture the information of more than 125 types of Colombian establishments, such as stores, pharmacies, beauty shops, stationery stores, etc. Categorizing more than 15 variables, which allow entrepreneurs and clients to make strategic market decisions.

In this regard, Manuel Peláez, intelligent location manager of Servinformacion, states that:

“With this census that collects information block by block, it allows businesses and prospects to be located in each distribution channel. All information is collected through mobile devices online and in real time. Using GPS technology to capture the coordinates and georeference them on a map. Once the information is collected, it is classified according to its channel and its own characteristics”.

By conducting these censuses, there is a face-to-face relationship with the companies' clients and prospects, which creates an opportunity to find out exactly what concerns a company has about its market.

For example, if a beverage company wants to know the behavior of neighborhood stores regarding the current situation, thanks to Infocomercio it can have this information at hand.

In addition, Infocomercio is in charge of making personalized tools for analysis and integration of information designed to suit customers. Thus, they can consult their data in a useful and practical way, allowing them to make much smarter market decisions.

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