Meanwhile, the sale of cigarettes has fallen since the quarantine began in Colombia.

After the decrease since March, when the quarantine began in Colombia due to COVID -19, during the month of June the categories of alcoholic beverages managed to recover their sales in neighborhood stores, mini-markets and self-services.

According to a study presented by the Servinformación company, Colombians increasingly frequent commercial establishments to acquire this type of categories in times of pandemic.

products on the rise

The analysis highlighted that the alcoholic beverage that has registered the highest growth in sales is rum up from 67%; beer follows with a 54%; whiskey with a 53% and brandy with a 47%.

The main category that accompanies the acts of purchase of rum continues to be soft drinks and soda, while the second category that accompanies the basket corresponds to beer and finally there is the category of snacks.

Products in increase

The study showed that cigarette sales decreased since the beginning of the pandemic, “These tobacco-related products have not benefited. People are deciding to carry more alcoholic beverages than cigarettes, "said Juan Pablo Muñoz, a spokesman for the firm.

On the other hand, the report indicated that by the end of June, the activation of the 'pico y cédula' led to the consumer increasing the amount of products carried in a purchase, due to the limitation of attendance at the neighborhood store.

"The increases in consumption are being registered mainly for weekends, with an increase of 16% compared to the same period of previous weeks. In the same way, the peak hours of best sales for the neighborhood store correspond between 06:00 pm and 07:00 pm, generating the 21% of the day's sales ”, highlighted one of the sections of the analysis.

Finally, the study reflected a growth of 35% in the disbursement ticket at the country level, versus the rates recorded before COVID-1 arrived.

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