The commercial areas of Bogotá where the transit of people has fallen the most during the pandemic

In Bogotá, during the first month of 2021, the mobility restrictions imposed by the Mayor's Office were noted, due to the second peak of infections due to the coronavirus. For this reason, a Servinformación report that made an analysis of the occupation in the main commercial areas through the technological tool "Servihuella", the migratory flow of people was known in real time, to know the places they visit and the means of transport in which they travel.

According to the report, a downward trend is observed in Chapinero, Parque de la 93, Zone T, Zone G and Usaquén, behavior that has been seen since November 2020. Thus, in January 68,334 were mobilized people in the commercial areas of the town, less than the 127,006 reported in December; in the park of 93 also fell to 73,830 citizens, compared to 121,415 in the last month of 2020. In Zone T, Zone G and Usaquén, the figures do not reveal a recovery in the migration of people in shops, as they fell a 49,989 (-67.1 %), 58,175 (-58.2 %) and 54,905 (-61.5 %) people, respectively.

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