Sales of alcoholic beverages grew in traditional channel in June

The categories of alcoholic beverages managed to recover market sales in the traditional channel, after the falls registered in March, according to the Servipunto platform created by Servinformacion and Puntored.

According to the report, there was a significant increase in sales on some products:

  • Rum +67%
  • Beer +54%
  • Whiskey +53%
  • Brandy +47%.

The foregoing means that Colombians are increasingly seeking to acquire this type of beverage in times of pandemic.

Categories on the rise

Lhe main category continues to be soft drinks and sodas with an increase of 37%, the second corresponds to beer with 24%, followed by cigarettes with 22% and, finally, snacks with 14%.

What's more, Come in the categories with the highest growth in purchases for June, powdered milk continues to stand out, which rose by sales a 80%, bread packed with 22% and biscuits with 7%, displacing the whole liquid milk category.

Increasing categories

The category of juices and nectars, which fell 35% in sales, continues its downward trend due to the impact of covid-19 on the traditional channel. Also the consumption of bottled water, with a decrease of 37%, is affected by the labor or academic sector, as consumers are developing each of their activities from home.

Likewise, the supply of rice shows a fall of the 8%; has a downward trend as of April, because buyers prefer larger presentations to ensure a longer product life.

By the end of June, the activation of the peak and ID for some cities led the consumer to once again stock up with portfolios or products of greater quantity, due to the limitation of assistance to neighborhood stores. The increases in consumption are registered mainly for weekends, with an increase of 16%, compared to the previous weeks.

Now peak and peak hours sale for the neighborhood store they are between six in the afternoon and seven at night, generating 21% of the day's sales. The afternoon off-peak hours stand out, which have registered a greater weight in percentage in sales compared to precovid-19 times.

Finally, the traditional channel registered that, by the end of the second half of the year, the sale average in stores, compared to the first half of 2020. In addition, there was a growth of 35% in the ticket disbursement in the country compared to the indices in precovid-19 times.


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